...Once upon a penguin... all began in the autumn of 2005 with a little bit of vanity...

There was a desire for more hair than nature will grow, more than can be achieved through sheer length or clever cuts. What I wanted was a forest, a mountain of hair. If it cannot be real, then it will be fake, and so be it.

Each hair & each pair of hairs, every clip & every pin is carefully made by hand.

Every detail is intended to make for the most long-lived accessory, from the tight knotwork to the chamfered ribbon ends.

Through persistent trial and plenty of error, a fabrication method was found, which seems minimise tangling at the band, unravelling of fibers, and all the annoying little surprises which arise in the course of such an adventure.

Silky hairs are quite a bother to work with on the manufacture end, and will take something of a care & upkeep commitment on the use end.

The clip-type hairs were a later experiment, but not entirely unfamiliar territory.

~ petey

~ site updates ~

~ March 31st ~ Winter persists, more snow for the 'Cities. More time for tinkering with the website.
~ March 20th ~ A rainbow for springtime. Particularly enjoying a new crop of colours I might describe as lovely auburn.
~ February 17th ~ Considering grey as a colour for hair. Silver! Why be drab? Ah ~ 'tis the season.
~ January 25th ~ For the approaching time of hearts & flowers, there is a new crop in reds & pinks for a lovey-dovey whim.

~ December 28th ~ The website has been made into something I am no longer totally embarrassed by. Just... mostly...
~ December 23rd ~ Victory! Hangtags are done, printed, cut, edged, punched, and affixed to their respective bags.
~ November 11th ~ For real, now. Real progress. Tables and everything...
~ October 9th ~ Forget that wizard! It's site-building time!
~ September 26th ~ Here we are! The skeletal beginnings of my own little fashion empire.